Change Management through Knowledge Management

If You want to 

  • Save time  
  • control accidents
  • increase productivity
  • decrease brain drain
  • develop best practices based SOPs

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Why Knowledge Management is So Important

  • The objective of our work is to produce valued outcomes that are derived from applied knowledge. Organizational knowledge is becoming a competitive advantage for effectiveness, innovation, consistency, collaboration and risk management.
  • Knowledge work is taking an increasingly significant role in organizational development.
  • Now the concept of business is revolving so building a unit plays role in developing overall economy. In this context, knowledge becomes a core asset for organizations. Knowledge enables them to make effective decisions and  effective action which may even become a marketable product in its own right. 
  • An increased access to knowledge will support the development of people in the organization, through giving them easy access to the knowledge of others but in prescribed way.
  •  Organizations can no longer depend more on the natural flow of knowledge to keep up with the pace of change. Know it must be deliberately created, applied,and re-used faster than the rate of change. Agility and speed of learning  are becoming a source of increased value and competitive advantage

Coming Events

  • Awareness Sessions on ISO 30401 in across Pakistan
  • Online meeting on Knowledge Management  Vocabulary shall be started from 19 March 2019.  Mr Asif Mushtaq shall participate while representing Pakistan.
  • Society for Knowledge Management Pakisrtan is going to arrange a symposium on future of KM.

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ISO Technical Committee TC 260/ WG 6 has  started working on KM vocabulary. online meeting shall be started from 19 March 2019. 

Our KM Practices

1 Documentation of case studies,

2 Documentation of  best practices,

3 Peer learning program.   


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